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Welcome to crnindia

We welcome you to CRNINDIA managed by SEBI registered Investment Adviser. The site, has been there since 1998. Here we try and help you to plan your investments which might be in form of long term or short term trading. We understand your needs and fulfill them so as to achieve your goal of becoming better investor/ trader. Nothing can better define our credibility than the fact that we have been here since more than 15 years. This is the place where experience speaks for itself. 


Profit and loss are the two inseparable features of the stock market. But  losses can be minimized and profits can be increased with the help of Technicals. Donít worry,  we are not here to sell illusions(dreams) or to crack jokes, you can always see the returns of Intraday Trading & Daily Trading of last few years, proper month wise data. These are the results our members have made on the basis of the sms sent to them
In this span of 15 years we have  worked for the satisfaction of our clients and to enhance their understanding of the market. You can check the various services we offer to our clients by clicking on the relevant links. Our clientsí growth and satisfaction is what we aim for.



Free Daily Report

Option letter service

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Daily Newsletter giving a quick update on the stock market and a few golden words of advice. In short, this letter delivered in your inbox daily is an essential tool for every informed investor..





Watch and Track the Option Newsletter before you subscribe to the service. Here we only recommend to Buy Options of active stocks and indices and do not suggest short selling. We will update the current date letter at the end of the day or next day so that you may see its performance and track it. If you want to know the recommendations in advance then please subscribe to it




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Are you tired of just trading without earning profits. Are you  looking for a right place and a right system.
..........If yes then............
Here are systems that can make profits for you

  Intraday SMS Service ! 

  Intraday Nifty System ! 

Intraday Bank Nifty SMS service

  Daily Nifty System ! 

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We believe that every trader goes through the three stages



Trading Rules
These are some of the trading rules which are universally  valid for stock trading



Strictly Technical
We try to predict the daily trend of the Indian Stock  Market from a strictly



Meet the Analyst
You may meet or talk to the  Analyst.



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If you are a member of stock exchange having sub brokers then visit



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