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Users of Free Trial/ Free Newsletter

During trial period, we assume that you will not be trading with live money and would only observe the trades. The Free trial is only for educational purpose as well as to show you the kind of services you will get. You may note down the trades given as per time and you may check the prices and note down on paper the rates as if you were trading online. Just note the trades and then check the results. 
If you find the way we give trades suits your risk profile and temperament, then you can take the paid consultancy depending on the kind of product which suits you. But we strictly suggest you not to trade with real money in free trial.
Once you are satisfied and are ready for taking the paid services, we will then send you a risk profile form through which we can know more about you to help you better after taking your risk taking capacity. I hope you will appreciate that we want you to go slowly in trading and we want you to remain with us for long term and that is the reason we are taking time to judge your risk taking capacity to help you stay longer in trading.
We give a free newsletter to visitors of our site or whoever registers for the free newsletter. This newsletter gives you the trend of Nifty and insight about some of our services. You are requested not to trade on the basis of them. This is just for educational purpose only. If you wish to trade with real money, you are requested to take our paid services so that we can hand hold you as per your risk profile.
Please consult your Investment Adviser before you trade with real money. Trading is risky and there is always a chance of losing all your money and we will not be responsible for it.



Result of intraday trend 


To check the daily trend, we only see the graphs and nothing else.

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