For 22nd  August 2017

Values as on 21st August 2017  
Index Open High Low Close From yesterday
Nifty 50.IX 9864.25 9884.35 9740.1 9750.05 -87.35
NIFTY.FUTIDX.Aug 9869.95 9884 9755 9764.2 -90.2
Nifty Bank.IX 24140.55 24258.95 23882.25 23915.5 -158.95
Nifty IT.IX 10574.3 10618.05 10408.45 10410.8 -159.2
Nifty Midcap 50.IX 4670.85 4684.2 4568.85 4570.7 -84.05
The above values of Index are actual closings at 3:30 pm and not the averages.
Trend of the market has come in uptrend 

Trend  of the markets 

Daily trend of Index
Daily trend of Index has not  to be confused with intraday trend of the market

Strong & Weak  futures 

This is list of 10 strong future based on technicals: PC JEWELLER, PC JEWELLER, BEML, Tata Global Breverages, Torrent Power, TECH MAHINDRA, Petronet LNG,BHARAT FINANCIAL,BATA INDIA and JUBLFOOD

This is list of 10 Weak futures based on technicals: INDO COUNT, Housing Development , ADANIENT, Apollo Hospitals, Jaiprakash Associates, Infosys Limited, Dr. Reddys Lab, AJANTA PHARMA, Hindustan Construc Co and KAVERI SEED

Daily trend of nifty came in uptrend on 30th December 2016

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