For 26th February 2014

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Values as on 25th February 2014  
Index Open High Low Close From yesterday
Nifty Spot   6205.70 6216.85 6176.60 6197.05 +10.45(points)
Nifty Future February 6213.25 6223.30 6178.50 6205.05 +8.1(Points) 
Cnx Midcap 200  7713.10 7735.10 7684.05 7691.30 +2.95(points)
CNXIT  10099.90 10173.75 10099.90 10160.85 +90.15(points)
Bank Nifty  10742.15 10768.75 10611.75 10651 -40.05(points)
The above values of Index are actual closings at 3:30 pm and not the averages.
Trend of the market is up

Trend  of the markets 

Daily trend of Index
Daily trend of Index has not  to be confused with intraday trend of the market
Trend for Delivery stocks
Parameters to buy and hold delivery stocks.
Intraday trend of Index
It is seen every half an hour during the market time
Trend of other world markets

My Finance Times

My Finance Times

Strong & Weak  futures 

This is list of 10 strong future:RMCL, V2 Retail,Utam Value, RS system, Super Sales, NRC, SGFL, Trigyn Tech, Bio Medi & weizmann And this is list of 10 Weak futures:Sun Darm, Shri Ram Multi, Spectacle Vent, Quintegra Soult, Rei Sixteen, Winsome, Webel Sollar, Oswalmin, Southern Inspat & Paras Petrofiles.

The daily trend of nifty is in up trend 

Technical Analysis

Technical terms
Technical Terms used in technical analysis of Indian Stock Market

Technical Analysis of Stock Market

Daily Trend of all Futures traded at NSE
Technical  Analysis of active future stocks
  (updated daily)
Technical analysis of 20 active stocks (updated daily)
5, 9,18 & 200 dma 
Know the 5, 9, 18 & 200 DMA of all stocks on NSE on daily basis

Weekly reports

Weekly Moving Average (NSE)
Weekly Moving Average (BSE)
Currency trend report


Gold and silver charts


Bse holidays
Nse Holidays
Nasdaq Holidays

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