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One week messages sent to our clients (9th October till 13th October 2017 )
Intraday messages sent by crnindia on 13th October 2017
1 7.47 am Securities in Ban For Trade Date 13-OCT-2017: BEML, DHFL, IBREALEST, JSWENERGY, RCOM and RELCAPITAL
2 7.48 am Stocks Holding.: Intraday shorted of Indian Bank. Longs of OFSS
2 10.05 am buy Tata Comm at CP
4 10.05 am Tata Comm bought @ 695.15. Target to quit is near 705
5 10.30 am, Buy Tata Motors at CP
6 10.31 am tata Motors bought 2 428.20 target to quit is near 434
7 11.31 am Buy PTC at CP
8 11.32 am PTC bought @ . target to  quit is near 
9 11.33 am Quit Indion Bank at CP 275. (shorted on 12th Oct @ 269.30)
10 2.02 pm PTC target met
11 2.30 pm Short NHPC at CP
12 2.31 pm NHPC shorted @ 28.15. Target to quit is near 27.60
13 3.20 pm We are carrying forward intraday longs of OFSS,tata comm,Tata Motors. Shorts of NHPC
Intraday messages sent by crnindia on 12th October 2017
1 7.12 am Securities in Ban For Trade Date 12-OCT-2017: BEML, DHFL, IBREALEST, JSWENERGY, RCOM and RELCAPITAL
2 7.12 am Stocks Holding : intradat shorts of Syndicate Bank
3 9.30 a,m Short Indian Bank at CP
4 9.31 am indian Bank shorted @ 269.30.Target to quit isn ear 265
5 12.00  Buy OFSS at CP
6 12.01 pm OFSS bought @ 3569. Target to quit is near 3630
7 2.13 pm Quit Syndicate Bank at CP 65.40 (shorted on 11th Oct @ 65.70)
8 3.22pm We are carryign forward intraday shorts of indian Bank.Longs of OFSS
Intraday messages sent by crnindia on 11th October 2017
1 7,22 am Securities in Ban For Trade Date 11-OCT-2017: BEML, DHFL, IBREALEST, JPASSOCIAT, JSWENERGY, RCOM and RELCAPITAL
2 7.22 am Stocks holding : intraday shorts of Bank of India and IOC
3 9.37 am Quit BOI at CP 140.40 (shorted on 9th Oct @ 138.80)
4 10.10 am Quit IOC at Cp 418.70(shorted on 10th Oct @ 413.45)
5 10.37 am Short Ambuja Cem at CP
6 10.38 am Ambuja Cem shorted @ 277.50. target to quit is near 273
7 11.44 am Short M & M fin at CP
8 11.45 am M & M Fin shorted @ 422.10. Target to quit is near 418
9 1.02 pm Short Union Bank at CP
10 1.03 pm Union Bnak shorted @ 130. Target to quit is near 128
11 1.29 pm  M& M fin target met.
12 2.00 pm Short India Cem at CP
13 2.01 pm India Cem shgorted @ 182.15. target to quit is near 180
14 2.02 pm Short CEAT at CP
15 2.03 pm CEAT shorted @ 1743. target to quit is near 1730
16 2.07 Pm Union Bnak target met
17 2.11 pm CEAT target met
18 2.19 pm India Cem target met
19 2.22 pm Ambuja Cem target met
20 3.00  Short Syndicate Bank at CP
21 3.01 pm Syndicate Bank shorted @ 65.70. Target to quit is near 64.50
22 3.22 pm We are carryiong forward intradat shorts of Syndicate Bank
Intraday messages sent by crnindia on 10th October 2017
1 7.44 am Securities in Ban For Trade Date 10-OCT-2017: BEML, DHFL, IBREALEST, JPASSOCIAT, JSWENERGY, RCOM and RELCAPITAL
2 8.17 am Stocks Holding : intraday shorts of apollo hospital, Bank of india nad Indigo. Longs of Axis Bank
3 10.29 am quit apollo Hosp at CP 1075(shorted on 9th Oct @ 1062)
4 11.29 am  Quit Indigo at CP 1125.50(shorted on 9th Oct @ 1104)
5 2.30 pm Buy OIL at CP
6 2.31 pm Short IOC at CP
7 2.32 pm OIL bought @ 350.35. Target to quit is near 355
8 2.33 pm IOC shorted @ 413.45. Target to quit is near 408
9 2.57 pm Axis Bank target was 514 which had met (bought on 9th Oct @ 508)
10 3.02 pm OIL target met
11 3.33 pm We re carrying forward intraday shorts of Bank of India and IOC
Intraday messages sent by crnindia on 9th October 2017
1 8.40 am Securities in Ban For Trade Date 09-OCT-2017: BEML, DHFL, IBREALEST, JPASSOCIAT and JSWENERGY
2 8.40 am We are not holding any intraday positions in stock  futures
3 10.36 am Short Apollo hospital at CP 
4 10.37 am Apollo Hospital shorted at 1062. Target to quit is near 1045
5 11.01 am Buy Axis Bank at CP
6 11.02 am Axis bank bought @ 508. target to quit is near 514
7 1.00 pm Short BAnk Of india at CP
8 1.01 pm Bank of India shorted @ 138.80.Target to quit is near 136
9 2.00 pm Short JP Associates at CP
10 3.20 pm Short Indigo at CP
11 3.22 pm Indigo shorted @ 1104.Target to quit is near 1090
12 3.23 pm We  are carryin forward intraday shorts of apollo hospital, Bank of india nad Indigo. Longs of Axis Bank

   Please go to the registration page and get yourself registeed for the service.


CRNindia proudly elaborates on service provided to intraday traders to short term traders. A system, which consists many years of deep study of the market and has given amazing results.

Recommendations for stocks Futures for intraday traders is one of the profit giving product offered by This system is for traders, who wish to trade intraday in stock Futures and Nifty Futures

We study long term charts to analyze the trend of market and the individual stocks. The comfortable aspect is that we strictly follow the long term charts and then see the intraday movement, then accordingly give recommendations. We believe in always following the trend and and hold our stocks with the stoplosses. Those who maintain high volumes may do profit booking at target and hold rest with stoploss. In this system traders has to take the positions in the futures stocks as and how the recommendations are sent. And then put a bid to quit the position at the targets mentioned. Sometimes market turns volatile or sideways, at this time we may send the messages to quit the positions.

Those trader who have a high risk taking capacity may opt for this service. He needs to develop and keep faith on the system.

Unique Features of intraday message service


  • Steady Technical analysis - This system works purely on the technical analysis of the market, which involves study of long term charts and then the intraday movement of the stocks traded at NSE. This system works on combinations of long term trends and intraday trends.

  • Your mobile our messages - The messages are sent through whatsapp on the mobiles and on that basis the trades may take their positions in the futures. The traders are updated with the stoplosses and the targets  (subscribers cannot talk with us. For any query they can  whataspp us and the query will be answered through whatsapp only)

  • Stoploss levels: In the messages  we are giving the  stoploss. If the price of the futures is trading below or above the stoploss then we quit our holdings. In any case we will message to quit them.

  • Reduces the tension - (Intraday trader is very risky and is only for those traders who are able to withstand the extent of tension given by the volatility of the intraday movement of the market.) We give timely support through whatsapp to our subscribers which can help to reduce the tension. The subscribers can whatsapp us their queries or need for clarification and the reply is sent to them as per the urgency of the query

  • Experienced guidance - This is a system behind which 10 years of experienced analysis is working.

  • One can make profits irrespective of market direction i.e. Bullish or Bearish.

  • Exact past results:  The below mentioned table provides the result of the recommendations after giving the brokerage  (one can see the the losses occur when the market was sideways and volatile).

Past Results of intraday stocks service
From April '17 till March '18
Month  Profit/loss Cum P/L
Octoober Series till 11th October +36469 +520077/-
Septmber series  -10136 +483608/-
August series +54134 +493745/-
July series +45805 +43966/-
June serices 2017 +175593 +347305/-
May series 2017 +87016 +171712
April series 2017  +84696 +84696
From April '15 till March '17 we had taken a break from advisory services
From April '14 till March '15 307883.5
March Series 2015 25771.09 307883.5
February Series 2015  -29976.14 282112.4
January Series 2015   28228.49 312088.5
December Series 2015 82718.19 283860
November Series 2014  53219 201141.80
October series 2014 -7563.29 187822.2
September series 2014 62588.41 195385.4
August series 2014  -18741.9 132797.02
July series 2014  54458.43 151538.92
June series 2014  20935.25 97080.49
May Series 2014 48616.64 76145.24
April Series 2014  27528.60 27528.60
From April '13 till March '14 283835.17
March Series 2014  62938.54 283835.17
February Series 2014  11547.81 220896.63
January Series 2014  3517.41 209348.82
December Series 2013  33389.92 205831.40
November Series 2013  81631.96 172441.48
October Series 2013  35641.57 90809.52
September Series 2013 9214.20 55167.95
August Series 2013  53059.45 45953.75
July Series 2013 -63847.30 -7105.70
June Series 2013 15020.25 56741.60
May Series 2013 10811 41721.35
April Series 2013 30910.35 30910.35
From April '12 till March '13 326471.20
March Series 2013 18097 326471.20
February Series 2013 121516.10 308374.20
January Series 2013 7720.20 186858.10
December Series 2012 -24808.60 179137.90
November Series 2012 55097 203946.50
October Series 2012 8773.70 148849.50
September Series 2012 28388.20 140075.80
August Series 2012 13925.92 111687.60
July Series 2012 18385.58 97761.70
June Series 2012 -48913.50 79376.10
May Series 2012 46614.84 128289.60
April Series 2012 81674.77 81674.77
From April '11 till March '12 619111.45
March Series 2012 71575 619111.45
February Series  2012 72012.50 547536.50
January Series 2012 36150 475524
December Series 2011 106580 439374
November Series 2011 146747.50 332794
October Series 2011 -368.75 186046.50
September Series 2011 105781.30 186415.25
August Series 2011 105250 80633.95
July Series 2011 27962.50 -24616.05
June Series 2011 17043.75 -52578.55
May Series 2011 13587.50 -69622.30
April Series 2011 -83209.80 -83209.80
From April '10 till March '11 892403.10
March  - 11 -59493.80 892403.10
February - 11 146050 951896.90
January - 11 -5637.50 805846.90
December - 10 -61553.20 811484.40
November -10  106122.50 873037.60
October -10 201345.30  766915.10 
September - 10 178715.30 565569.80
August - 10 81762.50  386854.50
July - 10 -3692.50 305092
June -10 5649.40 308784.50
May -10 190436.90  303135.10 
April- 10 112698.20 112698.20
From April '09 till March '10 1443726.70  
March-10       146726.90 1443726.70  
February-10 28110.20 1296999.80
January-10 114836.30 1268889.60
December-09 29541 1154053.30
November-09 -160952.40 1124512.30
October-09 221476.40 1285464.70
September-09 -92013.60 1063988.30
August-09 42063.30 1156001.90
July-09 348146.80 1113938.60
June-09 170817 765791.80
May-09 226176.10 594974.80
April-09 368798.70 368798.70
From April '08 till March '09 442082.17
March-09 29186.55 442082.17
February-09 -20609.30 412895.62
January-09 -58296.50 433504.92
December-08 134748 491801.42
November-08 19267 357053.42
October-08 -5869 337756.42
September-08 51170.32 343655.42
August-08 5527 292485.10
July-08 48970.74 286958.10
June-08 89580.7 237987.36
May-08 5800.86 148406.66
April-08 142605.8 142605.8
From April'07 till March '08 2158931.90
March-08 -9534.7 2158931.90
February08 177236.3 2168466.60
January08 20543.6 1991230.30
December 07 571272.8 1970686.7
November 07 187540.1 1399413.90
October 07 504463.4 1211873.80
September 07 115493 707410.40
August 07 35611.7 591917.40
July 07 112213.9 556305.70
June 07 158104.7 444091.80
May 07 107867.8 285987.10
April 07 146723.5 178119.30
March 07  31395.8  31395.80 

Procedure of intraday message service
  • The intraday trend of Nifty Futures is sent via messages to your mobile. We send message as to when to take positions. And then go on sending message, regarding the held positions, the trailing Stoplosses and the targets

  • Before the market opens, we will send you an update of Nasdaq and US market, which will keep you informed about what happened to Nasdaq and Dow.

  • We study the intraday movement of  stocks and then give recommendations to buy or short accordingly.

  • If the stock is closing in the trend then we normally carry forward our positions in the stocks

  • If Intraday trend of the market stays up at closing, we normally recommend to carry forward your positions of Nifty Futures for the next working day

  • If Intraday trend of the market stays down at closing, we normally recommend to carry forward your short positions in nifty Futures for the next working day.

  • Initially you will have many queries, so you may call us, but only after the market hours. During the market hours you can whatsapp us your queries and we will get back to you through whatsapp as soon as possible but personal contact on phone  will not be there during market time.

  • We are employing abbreviations in our messages. We will send you the explanation of all the abbreviations in the starting of the service for your understanding.

  • Approximately 12 - 15 messages are sent in a day.

  • It is very important for you to understand our messages before you actually start trading in Stocks Futures and Nifty Futures on their basis. You can come up with the queries regarding our messages and we will try to be prompt in our reply. 

  • We suggest that initially, mock trading be done on the basis of our sms, and once you  develop confidence, you may start actual trading.

  • It is advisable to be consistent with the number of lots to trade in. In Nifty Futures we expect to maintain the trading volumes of  6 lots of Nifty Futures. And in stock futures either  maintain the volume to be one lot wherein the positions have to be quitted at the targets. If trading in two lots then  either both are quitted at stoploss or later on 1 lot gets quit at the target, then remaining one lot is quitted at the ultimate trailing stoploss.

  • Above   mentioned are a week's messages sent to our members. This will give an insight to the type of whatsapp sent by us and their terminology. 

  • Terminology to understand the message.

    1. IDT - Intraday Trend of Nifty
    2. NF - Nifty Futures
    3. SL - Stoploss Whenever the SL is triggered we will clearly message it



Frequently Asked Question
You mean this system will only give profit?

NO, there is no absolute profit in the share market. First thing we need to understand is that profit and loss are the two inseparable components of the trading  in  stock market. Everybody earn some profit and give some loss. Risk factor is inherent in the market. But this system will surely help you to maximize your profit and minimize your loss. With our system, possibility of earning profit is much higher than giving losses.

An investor can earn good profits if he/she keeps trust on the system and works with a disciplined mind set by exercising control over his/her greed and fear.

How much profit I can make with your system?

It depends how much money you are investing in the market and how sincerely you are following our messages.
I want to know about the person, who will be doing the analysis?

Our Analyst has been doing Technical analysis of Indian Stock market for more than 10 years. She has seen many bullish and bearish phases and gained an outstanding understanding of the market.

Though she is very busy but you can talk to her between 4-5 pm in the working days and between 10am-12 noon on Saturdays on this number 9811291155. 

Please note that she will not be able to entertain any call during the market time .

I am a newcomer in the stock market, how this system can benefit me?

Being a newcomer, we want to tell you that share market is full of risk and very unpredictable. A newcomer's chances of giving  losses is higher. We believe that a newcomer always goes these three stages: 1) Initially he has to give loss, 2) Reaches profit and loss equilibrium and 3) . lastly start earning some profits.   But a newcomer can always minimize his losses and later on earn some profits if he adopts a good system to assist him. Initially, we advice you to do mock trading on the basis of our service to enhance your understanding of our system and when you feel confident enough, you can go for actual trading. 

I have seen such services or systems even on the other sites. what makes your system different from them?

Our system purely works on the basis of charts and does not follow any fundamental. It is based on the proven technical analysis. It is really effective and fruitful. You have seen our past results. It is very simple to follow, you just have to take positions according to our messages.
What are the charges for Intraday message service?
The intraday message service is provided only through whatsapp. Find below the charges for the same
Monthly Rs.8000/- 
Bi-Monthly Rs.15200/- 
Half- Yearly Rs.44000/- 
Yearly Rs.86400/- 
Trial for 15 days Rs 2000/- 
If you want to talk to our analyst on phone during the market time for your queries or extra support then that will come under personal consultancy. The charges for which are variable depending on the kind or support requited
Do you have such system for Nifty Investors also?

Yes, We have intraday Nifty service. In this service intraday trend of Nifty futures is sent through sms along with stoplosses and targets. To know more about this service/ system, kindly go through this link Intraday NMS page

How I can register for this system?

Please go to the registration page and get yourself registered for the service.

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